Adventures of the Deep Six

Drellins Ferry

Trash talking gnoll and the many headed dragon

  • On the road to Drellins Ferry the party was set upon by a band of hobgoblins, hellhounds and gnolls.
  • The leader was a cleric of some sort
  • a few of the hobs got away on stolen horses and the cleric summonend a hippogriff or gryphon(i forget which)
    • As the cleric flew off he shouted a bunch of trash talk about killing us finishing with “The Red Hand will be your Doom!”
  • The Deep six finally arrived in Drellins Ferry
  • Learned that there were attacks happening throughout the area, that farms were getting wiped out and caravans raided.
  • The Deep Six figured this was related to the threat they were sent there to deal with and when asked by norpo the speaker of drellins ferry if we would help with the threat the Deep six made a bargain
    • The deep six would investigate and help as the could if the threats were the same
    • The town would provide room and board in Drellins Ferry for the Deep Six while they helped
  • The party was sent to find Jord the tracker who was to point us in the right direction.
  • On the way to Skull Gorge we were set upon by a multi-headed dragon(hydra)
    • The battle went badly the deep six had no idea how to deal with a hydra
    • By the time they fled the entire party was nearly wiped out and the hydra had grown to 12 heads.
    • Everyone met up in Drellins Ferry as the party was split up caught on separate sides of a small river



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