The Deep Six

A band of six young adventurers, outcasts of one sort or another, join in Waterdeep looking to earn fame and fortune.

  • Feydark – Elven woodsman who carries a heavy-shameful-weight and could shoot the wings off bog fly at a hundred paces.
  • Kael – A smooth talking street urchin always scheming and to clever for his own good.
  • Osgard – A Human warrior who suffered a tragic loss to the Red Hand has asked to join the Deep Six in their battle against the hand so he can exact his revenge. Deadly with a longsword!
  • Raven – Sorceress taken from her family as a babe and raised by hags, only to be “rescued” and later dumped in Waterdeep for her own safety by a band of adventurers. Raven yearns for the adventurers life. Collector of odd trinkets.
  • Wilk – The holy warrior, not quite the outcast that the others are yet fits in with the group perfectly.
  • Curnan- An irreverent alcoholic elven Duskblade who likes killing monsters, getting paid, getting drunk, and getting laid… in that order


  • Diogenes – The muscle of the group, a Half-ogre warrior and Devote of St. Cuthbert (Disappeared mysteriously after wandering off on a quest for St. Cuthbert)
  • Singh Yin – A womanizing, ale and wine swilling monk who walked away from a nobles life.

These are their tales.

Adventures of the Deep Six

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