Adventures of the Deep Six

Bargain with a Roper

Is feeding a Grey Dwarf, that we’re just going to kill anyway, to a Roper REALLY that wrong?!?!

We explored the depths of the caves under the keep.
we found a room with a path leading from a door to some
sarcophagi(maybe I am totally remembering that part wrong) there were
also some stairs. I am not sure if Kael was able to open the door or
not and don’t think we really explored the sarcophagi other than to
make a quick pass through looking for something evil to feed the

One of the rooms had a fast moving stream flowing through it and then
plunging through a hole in the floor. A few of us slipped in and
other plunged down into a pool. The others caught up by taking a side
passage that connected up with the pool. On the shore of the pool
there were a few rooms with rotting supplies and some kind of slime.
We locked the slime in and departed. Feeling clever that we didn’t
fight a needless battle. Only to have Feydark to plunk an arrow into
a giant tentacled one eyed column in the next chamber.

The tentacles shot out and grabbed a few of us and it looked grim but
we were able to make a bargain, we’d bring it food if it let us go.
It held Feydark as collateral and peevishly gave us only a few hours
to feed it. We scrambled about and didn’t thoroughly investigate a
few areas(don’t remember if we did a better job after freeing

We got conned by some grey dwarves who Kael thinks carted off all the
weapons. We bested two of them but the third was to much for us in
our greatly weakened state. Feydark was held prisoner and Raven
opposed to an exchange and worried for Feydark stayed behind, leaving
us to party members down on that encounter. We dropped two of the
grey dwarves the third retreated, Kael tried to be intimidating but is
sure that is yet another of his failures in this debacle. We took the
just dead grey dwarf and the mostly dead grey dwarf to the
roper(another name I am sure Kael doesn’t know) and made the swap.

We did some re-examining of the areas we glossed over after the trade,
I think but I am a little shakey on this.

The third grey dwarf was gone along with their stuff. FAIL!

we started to explore the remaining areas and some ghosty thing jumped
us. I think wilk turned it and it took off, but I might be wrong on
that as well. Most of the rooms in that area were basically empty.

Kael is kind of somber and morose from worries that what ever weapons
we were sent here to find were carted off by the Duergar (not sure if
he knows that name for them) and fears that our failure to secure them
might come back to haunt us and Waterdeep in the future. Kael also
has some very conflicted thoughts on this portent we were sent to
find, is it that the Grey dwarves were here to collect the same
weapons? He feels perhaps that isn’t omen’y enough and to mundane,
and yet there are no other signs we have been smart enough to
decipher. All in all he is feeling kind of dejected at the moment,
like we failed in our task and worthy of inclusion in the Grey Hand
Enforcers. Kael has NEARLY died a few times and is not alone in that,
and the hero’s in stories never have such a hard time do they. Surely
if we were “hero’s” it’d be easier right? The meteor would fall from
the sky right as we appear and lead us to the lost tomb with the
prophetic epitaph. We’d never bungle into a split party and even if
split would have easily dealt with the grey dwarves and not even
noticed the stirges or fiery traps.



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