Adventures of the Deep Six

Battle at Vaarth Keep

Where'd that Minotaur come from, wait a Manitcore, What? A bugbear is in charge?

The Deep six arrived at the Keep of Vaarth to find it in bad repairs, over grown and destroyed. It looked like it had been bombarded by giant stones. Several Giant sized corpses were found buried in rubble and overgrown with vines.

Feydark did some recon in the area leading up to the keep but didn’t find any fresh tracks, though Kael suspects he hadn’t looked very hard.

Kael snuck up to the keep to do some internal recon. He had to avoid an old shed outside the keep that looked ready to collapse. The hair on his arms and back of his neck got all tingly when he looked at it. After finding the sword of durgedin in that horrible slime cave that poisoned him, he just knows the best bits are hidden in the places no one would look. But he resisted the urge by telling himself after the keep is cleared he could check it out at his leisure.

Sneaking up and around the keep Kael heard talking from within. What sounded like many humanoid voices and one deep bestial voice. Kael tried to pantomime this info to everyone only to confuse them all and get waved back.

They decided to set up an ambush at the gap in the wall and wilk and dio would approach from the front.

As they approached Dio shouted out some greetings in giant. Two goblin’s riding worgs rode out to attack Dio and Wilk. while 4 hobgoblins came out of a back room, 2 spotted Kael and approached to attack the others ran out the hole in the wall that Kael had climbed through to approach Dio and Wilk from behind, only to spot the ambush waiting outside the wall and engage Feydark, Raven and Sing.

Things were looking pretty good until the Minotaur popped his ugly head out. Kael started yelling about the horribly ugly bullheaded giant.

The Minotaur charged Kael in an attempt to gore him but Kael ducked behind a corner of wall. The ensuing assault left him barely conscious before he managed to slip away.

The Hobogolins on the outside charged in and kept to close to the ambush party for Feydark to be able to use his bow. (Kael notes in the future we might want to setup or ranged attackers so they aren’t clustered). Things were pretty evenly match in our favor. Until the Manticore showed up.

At the front entrance the battle was going well, Dio and Wilk were in the process of making short work of the Worg riders.

Kael ran as fast as his beat to a bloody pulp body would take him around the keep towards Wilk (swearing the whole time he was going to buy one of those belts of healing next chance he got). Hobgoblins and Minotaur in pursuit.




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