Adventures of the Deep Six

Missing Princess

Dark and evil creatures roam the forest at night looking for somethin

Hey Austin,

I don’t have my notes handy so this summary will be missing specifics
like names.

We started back in Waterdeep the trip back being uneventful and we
were all hanging out in an inn celebrating our success. Kael was
making the rounds telling his story about Diogenes the Dragon Wrestler
and trying to gather information about any news or rumors.

He heard a group talking about how they would be the ones to collect
the reward for finding some noble womans missing daughter. Kael asked
about and got the name for the noble woman and then slipped the bar
wench a handful of gold to keep the strongest spirits in the house
flowing to the other group figuring a massive hangover would slow them

The group minus Diogenes who wanted to keep his drink on went to find
the noble woman. She turned out to be Half-elvin and Feydark ended up
doing most of the talking as she was apparently a racist Half-elf that
wasn’t to fond of humans.

The reward was 200gp.

The daughter’s father was a rich merchant and an elf, so the daughter
was a very Elvin half-elf from what I understood. The daughter went
hunting with her uncle and disappeared in the woods near a stone ring
that legend has is a portal to the land of the star elves. The star
elves grew sick of “mortals” and built their own demi-plane that was
always in twilight and these stone rings were the gateways.

Feydark went to a library where you pay by the hour to do some
research. Didn’t find out much but kept coming across to the dusk
hunter or something like that. A legend about some horrible beast
that hunts or eats souls or something in the area around the rings.

We set out right away.

Wandered the woods waiting for it. Our Elvin ranger was leading and
led us into an Elvin ambush. Except the didn’t attack just surrounded
us with bows drawn and asked in Elvin, which only one of us spoke,
what we wanted. Feydark explained, they said they heard of the girl
and would take us to the ring but would not stick around as the place
it took us to was a prison now and she said it would be our tomb.

They led us to a ring and then took off with a dire warning about not
hanging out for death to find them and it being or tomb.

Everyone but Kael and Singh hung out in the ring waiting for night.
Singh took a look out spot atop one of the monolithic stones forming
the ring. And Kael hid outside the ring.

Dusk came everyone in the ring disappeared.

Singh shrugged his shoulders and jumped down as Kael was saying “Wai………t”

Singh was gone.

Kael debated a bit, being a rogue he felt no great need to willingly
enter a “prison”, Not wanting to be a dead rogue he felt even stronger
about entering a prison/tomb.

He eventually tied a rope around a tree and then his waist and entered
the ring to disappear as well.

He rope when he arrived was cut off where it broke the border of the ring.

Everyone was on a small island in an ocean inside a ring. There was a
walkway that went off to a Tower and there were four other towers, i
might be wrong on the count, spread out. All connected with walkways
at different levels. The skeleton of some great sea serpent curled
around and formed a kind of canopy over the walkway we needed to take.

We decided to camp out and see if we would go back. We didn’t and it
remained twilight, the night sky never changing the whole time.

We decided we need to explore and find a way out and we needed to make
haste because we only had what supplies we had brought with out.

We crossed the walkway and found the door to the tower open, we
entered and found a bunch of massacred Orcs. And a statue in the room
greeted us and told us to make our selves comfortable and take the
waters or some such. But before we could do anything or everyone
could get in a giant owlbear attacked.

It was a brutal battle but we put it down.

Found its layer off one room and a nice room with more bodies in
another that had lots of comfy cushions. The bodies animated and Wilk
turned them and I mean really turned them they all exploded, the
easiest battle of the evening.

We went on from there with only one exit. This was a room with a pool
and fountain and some more bodies all bloody and some bloody foot
prints leading to a door, there was another door adjacent to it.

We checked both doors one lead to an alcove with stairs and the bloody
foot prints lead to a room with robes hanging from hooks and a body
laying in the middle of the room. Body was all bloody and it looked
like someone or something had tried to flay it, the skin on the back
was peeled back.

We didn’t see anything that could attack us in the room so Kael began
a search,found some robes worth a bit of money and then got attacked
by an empty sack of skin. It was horrifying and one hit dropped Kael
from full hit points to 0. A long and horrible battle went on, Wilk
was almost constricted to death by the thing before it was down. We
decided to rest in the room with the exploded/turned skeletons and
cushions before preceding.

After we camped we went up the stairs. Found two rooms at the top one
with a desk, Kael examined the desk and got attacked by a wraith that
not only drained HP but Con points. Another big battle before the
wraith went down.

Not much in the desk but we discovered if we had a way to get the desk
out and back to town it would be worth alot. 1400gp or something like

off that room was another door that lead to a series of rooms with not
much but some tables.

The other room off the stairs was also uneventful, two doors off it.
A privy and a ball room. Diogenes, Wilk and Feydark I think entered
to Coup De Grace the bodies we found within. The room was quit dark.

Diogenes sensed something dark or cold in there, not sure if he got
attacked. And from about above on a balcony some orcs appeared with
bows and told us to get out of the room that some evil lurked in the
dark, they directed us to another door in the room and some stairs.

We headed up they said they would take us to their leader. Now on the
third level they took us to a door which lead to a walkway that
crossed over the waters to the second tower where we found the orc

There were many orcs, a few hobgoblins as well I believe.

The leader said they came to raid and loot and found all kinds of
undead. There was a girl that the leader of the undead took to his
tower. The leader of the undead also was supposed to have the way
out. The Orc offered a truce, they wouldn’t molest us and give us a
place to rest and we could partake of their supplies if we found a way

Kael did a sense motive and noticed he was being evasive and worried
about something out an archway. Glancing out Kael spotted a giant
spider scurry away. Kael asked about it and what was really going on
and the Orc leader played dumb.

Thats it. I think. Like I said no notes at the moment so it might be
a little spotty.



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